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How to turn off email notifications

  1. Click Preferences from the top right of the page on the user icon where your name is written 
  2. Click Forum preferences and Forum preference page will open.
  3. Check for Email digest type and choose what you want
    • No digest (single email per forum post) Receive an email whenever someone post 
    • Complete (daily email with full posts)
    • Subjects (daily email with subjects only)
  4. Save changes


  1. Forums are accessible through the site home page. 
  2. Students are not allowed to post vulgar, inappropriate or foul messages on any Boston Connect forum.
  3. Offending messages are strictly not allowed to be posted. Offending messages include xenophobic, racial, discriminatory, and homophobic slurs  chats etc.
  4. Students are strictly not allowed to post nudity, offensive material.
  5. Boston Connect reserves the right block any student who post inappropriate messages on any Boston Connect forum.  

Last modified: Wednesday, 22 May 2019, 11:16 AM